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Renju - The 2nd Renju tournament (offline) on PBEM

nickolay - 2006-11-29, 21:49
Temat postu: The 2nd Renju tournament (offline) on PBEM
Greetings renju & gomoku fans!

"World Renju League" (WRL) have a plan to run the 2nd offline championship.
Players from Japan, Russia, Moldavia, Ukraina, Vietnam, France, Slovakia took part in
the previous tournament. The current WRL champion is Alexander SUSLOV (Moldavia).

Now it is time for subscription for the 2nd world championship.
It will start approximately on 10/Dec/2006. All gomoku/renju players are welcome.

About PBEM server
Nowadays PBEM ( )
is a server which combines convenient Graphics interface with e-mail system.
You may make moves in GUI window or by sending e-mails or SMS.

About Renju (WRL rules)
This renju variation is more ancient than RIF. It is also known as
"Old Renju". WRL rules are mostly the same as RIF rules.
But there are 3 exceptions:
1. The board size is 17x17.
2. Forks 4-4 are allowed.
3. No stupid "120 moves rule".

Openings WRL rules
- The first player puts the 1st move to the center of the board.
- The second player puts the 2nd move within 3x3 central square.
- The first player puts the 3nd move within 7x7 central square and
declares how many 5th moves will be offered in that game.
- The second player has a right to swap.
- The white player puts the 4th move anywhere on board.
- The black player puts as many 5th moves on the board as it was declared before.
- The white player chooses one 5th from these offerings and plays the 6th move.
After that the the opening stage is over and the game continues normally by renju rules.

Tournament's System:
Total time limit: 90 days per game.
Each player will play 10-12 games.

How to make an entry:
If you would like to entry:
1) Register at PBEM. Send a message
Subject: signup your_nick your_password

2) Send an application with following information:
To: (or to 'nikolay' via PBEM message system)
Your PBeM nick:
Your Country :
Your City :

Good luck and have fun!

Any questions to Nickolay Sviridov
President of WRL

We will be glad if you translate this message to Polish or forward it to
the potential participants.

Ece - 2006-11-29, 22:53


I think, that every Renju interested player will read it and understand, but I still ask if someone wants it to be translated.

By the way, I didn't know that there are some Renju players in Moldavia, but I was totally surprised reading about Renju players from France :zdziwko:

Best Regards

P.S. Jeśli kogoś interesuje turniej Renju offline z nietypowymi zasadami i nie za bardzo rozumie co tam jest napisane, niech napisze to się przetłumaczy tekst Nickolaya na polski.

nickolay - 2006-11-30, 15:43

Ece napisał/a:

By the way, I didn't know that there are some Renju players in Moldavia, but I was totally surprised reading about Renju players from France :zdziwko:

IMHO the more strange fact is that nobody from Poland took part :wink:

iec - 2006-12-03, 14:09

Was there really someone from Slovakia? Wasn't it Slovenia?
Can you post the nick? I am really curious :)

utratos - 2006-12-04, 16:29

Wysłałem zgłoszenie :)
nickolay - 2006-12-07, 18:56

Ece napisał/a:

By the way, I didn't know that there are some Renju players in Moldavia

Here is an interview with Alexander Suslov from Moldova


pente_fan - 2006-12-08, 16:01

Does anybody know what is that stick in hands of Mr.Suslov on photo?
Is it an useful equipment for renju players? :-D

pente_fan - 2006-12-11, 16:25

Well, i suppose this is a samurai sword. Meijins use it for chopping off heads of BAD renju players :-)
Any other ideas?

7robercik7 - 2006-12-11, 21:20

Katana (btw. it means sword in jp)? Looks like this one is priceless and only well-deserved players can touch it :P Don't try to understand japanese ppl, coz they are bizzare.

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