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Renju - Mistrzostwa Europy Renju i Gomoku 2018

zukole - 2017-09-12, 00:10
Temat postu: Mistrzostwa Europy Renju i Gomoku 2018
W dniach 24.06-01.07.2018 odbędą się w Tallinnie Mistrzostwa Europy w Renju i Gomoku.

Więcej informacji tutaj.

Poprzednie ME odbyły się w Taszkiencie.

Nie wiem po co robią ME w Gomoku. Zagra jakaś grupa osób z Estonii tylko dlatego, że w Renju obowiązuje limit uczestników z danego kraju i nie wiadomo co zrobić
z resztą. ME w Gomoku zamiast turnieju B ME Renju :-)

bromozel - 2018-01-11, 16:28
Temat postu: Renju and Gomoku European Championship
European Championship will held in Estonia, in Tallinn, 24.06.-1.07. 2018.
The competition will be organized by Renju International Federation, Tallinn Hobbycenter Kullo and Estonian Renju Union
Playing place: Tallinn Hobbycenter Kullo, Mustamae tee 59, Tallinn
Accommodation: Academic hostel, Akadeemia tee 11 (same as during WC2013,EC 2014, TWC and YWC 2016, check their homepage:, Price for SNG or DBL room for renju- and gomokuplayers is 33.30 EUR per day (3 people room cost is 47.70 per room).

Time control - 120 minutes per player + 30 seconds per move Fisher

Tournament Director - Ants Soosyrv,,
+372 56 69 73 82

Preliminary schedule:
June. 24th - Arrival of participants,
18.00 - Opening Ceremony and lotting

June 25th 9.30 – 1st Round
15.00 – 2nd Round
June 26th 9.30 – 3rd Round
15.00 – 4th Round
June 27th 9.30 – 5th Round
15.00 – 6th Round
June 28th Blitz, renju + gomoku 11.00-14.30
June 29th 9.30 – 7th Round
15.00 – 8th Round
June 30th 9.30 – 9th Round
15.00 – 10th Round
July 1st 9.30 – 11th Round
16.00 – Closing ceremony.
July 3rd 10:00 - Going to Karepa camp, who would like to stay in this wonderful place.

bromozel - 2018-01-13, 11:52

Why did you moved my previous post into this part of forum? I think that most important that this is also GOMOKU European Championship.
Atns says that there will be a lot of estonians who play gomoku and some european players too

angst - 2018-01-13, 12:09

Hi Ilya! It wasn't me, but probably it's due to the fact that such a topic has already existed and this tournament is definitely more renju than gomoku :)

Moreover, I remember that during one of the last live meetings of the Gomoku Committee, vast number of countries disagreed with organizing European Championship in Gomoku as this competition is really not necessary, assuming there is one big tournament once a year (individual or world championship) and both tournaments usually are dominated by Europeans.

I also bet that taking into consideration number of new posts per day on our Forum, your message will be seen by all interested players ;)

Best regards,


Peaceman - 2018-01-13, 16:46

The post lays under "renju' section, so the fact that there is EC in gomoku also might be overlooked. Both Renju and Gomoku competitions will be played as big open tournaments, without qualification tournaments. I would expect a great number of participants in gomoku - there will be surely many Estonian and Russian players, a few from Sweden and Finland. I will be also coming, so for sure there will be at least one Polish player too :)
zukole - 2018-01-13, 22:41

Peace, liczę że poniżej poziomu z 2006 roku nie spadniesz :)

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