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Turnieje - Hungarian Gomoku Meijin Open 2018

angst - 2018-01-13, 23:15
Temat postu: Hungarian Gomoku Meijin Open 2018
W imieniu Gergo i Zoltana zapraszam na tegoroczny turniej Hungarian Gomoku Meijin Open, który odbędzie się w Budapeszcie, na 90% w terminie 3-4 marca (data zostanie wkrótce ostatecznie potwierdzona).

Spodziewane parametry to 40/50 minut na gracza + dodawany czas za ruch, system rozgrywek będzie zależny od liczby zgłoszonych zawodników.

Ja raczej się sam nie wybiorę, ale gdyby znalazło się kilka zainteresowanych osób, to mocno to rozważę.



angst - 2018-02-25, 19:16

Na wszelki wypadek odświeżam temat, chociaż domyślam się, że nie ma chętnych, aby odwiedzić Węgry?

U mnie bez zmian - sam na pewno nie pojadę, ale zastanowię się, jeśli byliby zainteresowani tym wyjazdem. Przy czym powinniśmy podjąć decyzję maksymalnie we wtorek/środę.



usiek92 - 2018-02-26, 14:13

Z uwagi na zajęcia na uczelni (w tym obowiązkowe ćwiczenia) niestety odpadam.
sandra113 - 2018-03-03, 01:20

Ilya Katsev is a famous and very experienced Russian gomoku master who often comes to play in European tournaments and wins them, thereby giving lessons to local players - in particular, he won Deskohraní 2016 in Czech Republic, Estonian Gomoku Championship 2017, as well as Polish Gomoku Championship 2017.

He will now play in the Hungarian Gomoku Meijin Open 2018, a two-day tournament starting today, on Sat 3 Mar, and kindly agreed to be interviewed be me.

Below is the interview as translated by me from Russian to English. Ilya read the translation and confirmed the accuracy of my interpretation of his words.

Q: Did you prepare new openings for the upcoming competition?

A: No comment. You'll see during the tournament.

Q: How do you like the time control 50+20? It is an ideal time control, not too short and not too long, isn't it?

A: To me, 50+20 is a very short time control, of course. In such a game, I can make only a few normally calculated moves.

Q: What do you psychologically feel about having to play with such players as Gergő, Zoli and Dupszki? Fear, stress, anxiety, interest, tension, excitement, or what?

A: Nothing special. I will try to beat all the three mentioned players. This is not empty words. For example, against Gergő and Dupszki I had good positions in the world gomoku championship and just should not have sharpened them. I wanted to put Dupszki under time pressure, as he had one minute left, while in my game against Gergő I simply wanted to make it sharper. In both cases it was a mistake, and here I won't do things like that. So I definitely have no fear or something. Probably the most appropriate word is "interest."

Q: What do you think about situations where your opponent stands up and plays standing, thereby exerting psychological pressure on you by "hanging" above you, especially in the climax of the game?

A: I have never been in such situations. They may be uncomfortable, but maybe I just do not notice anything at critical moments. Generally speaking, it depends on the table. If the table is wide, the opponent can't really "hang" above me :)

Q: How significant is this tournament for you? For example, as compared to Saint-Petersburg tournaments, the Moscow qualification tournament, and the final of the Russian championship.

A: Approximately just as the Moscow qualification tournament. Much less significant than the Russian final, let alone the Russian Highest League in renju or the A-tournament of the world gomoku championship. The upcoming tournament is interesting in that there will be players from different countries. Possibly, Czechs will help prepare each other, and so on.

Q: You participated in many tournaments and talked with many players, including Hungarians, Czechs, and Poles. What peculiarities on the national character of Hungarians do you see, as compared to other Europeans?

A: I find it difficult to name anything specific. Probably I don't know personally that many Hungarians. Those whom I know are direct and honest guys. I like that there are very strong players who aim at winning. It is always a pleasure to play with them. For example, Oti (Attila Hegedűs) always comes with the purpose of taking a very high place and, say, won't go to the world gomoku championship unless he is properly prepared. I like Hungary and Budapest very much. Many people who have never been to Budapest do not even suspect how beautiful this city is. This time my visit will last just two days, but Sunday evening I will be able to have a small walk.

Q: Are you going to write a review about the tournament? Will this depend on your result?

A: Yes, of course, I want to write a review. This depends only on my free time. My tournament result is unlikely to play a role.

Q: Gergő may organise sending me photos and news so that I make a text broadcast. I think many Russian players will read it and root for you. What can you tell or promise them about your attitude towards the tournament and in general?

A: Right after I participated in the Russian First League in renju for the first time and earned there the 5th dan, I went to play in the Polish championship and won it. I recently very well played in the Russian Highest League in renju, well above my expectations, and earned the 6th dan, so why not win the Hungarian Gomoku Meijin Open right after that? :) By the way, I think that the tournament will be very interesting - there will be 3-4 strong Hungarians, two very strong Czechs (Laube and Muzika, both being participants of the A-tournament), probably Eged (a player of the A-tournament level), other players including Estonians. It is a pity that the time control is short, but it is impossible to make it much longer in a two-day tournament. I personally want as many difficult games as possible, and for this, given the Swiss system, it is important to start well.

(End of the interview)

A text broadcast of this thrilling tournament is likely to be organised at: It will include many photos, and each news will be posted both in English and Russian. You will have to scroll down the thread to get to the broadcast.

Stay tuned!

Sandra Jones

zukole - 2018-03-05, 12:26

Wyniki poniżej.

zukole - 2018-03-30, 12:19

Gergo wygrał z Zoltanem 3-2 w meczu o tytuł Meijina.

Nagrania. Warto zacząć od ceremonii nagradzania aktualnych drużynowych mistrzów świata :)

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