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Gomoku - Corona Gomoku Open

Usiek - 2020-03-20, 19:12
Temat postu: Corona Gomoku Open
W najbliższą niedzielę o 10:00 na odbędzie się turniej Gomoku swap2: "Corona Gomoku Open". W imieniu organizatorów zapraszam do udziału :)

Parametry turniejowe: 9 rund, 7 min + 3 s.

Gomoku connecting people! In these days it might be true more than ever - so let's meet together online and despite all the pandemic and quarantines share couple of good games in five-in-a-row!

The tournament will start on Sunday 10:00 Prague time (11:00 Tallinn time, 12:00 Moscow time, 4 pm Hanoi time, 5 pm Beijing/Macau time, 6 pm Tokyo time). Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead!

Parameters: 9r, 7m +3s, -, Gomoku - swap2

To play in the tournament you just need to easily register on the PlayFive site and join the tournament room on time. Those are the steps:
1. Click on Registration (upper part of the homepage)
2. Fill your username and password – which you will use to log in
3. Add your name to your profile by clicking on “Change my Settings” in the upper right corner
4. Click on Tournament room on the left part of the homepage
5. Few minutes before the tournament starts a message about the registration will appear – you click yes – and that’s it


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