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new renju rule
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 22 Sie 2004
Posty: 286
Skąd: Havířov
Wysłany: 2005-11-27, 19:10   new renju rule

As you all know from RIF General Assembly protocol from August 2005 (or heard
from your country's representative), RIF decided in the Assembly that everybody
has the right to propose a renju opening rule and send the proposal to RIF Rules
Commission before December 31, 2005. Since that meeting until today, we have
added 3 more rules to the list. We now have 6 rules there. But perhaps there is
still some great ideas which nobody has not thought of yet. Thats why we
encourage you to join a discussion in the special Forum:

You can propose the new rules there or comment others' proposals. Our sincere
hope is that all the renju countries will reach an agreement before the May
2006, when RIF General Assembly comes together, in order to vote for the new
opening rule.

Below is the introduction from that Forum:

This forum topic is opened by the initiative of RIF Rules Commission. The
purpose of this forum topic is to publish everybody's suggestions about new
opening rules and give others the opportunity to write comments, pointing out
the advantages and disadvantages.

Everybody may write a new rule suggestion, following the posting standard of the
first 5 rules of this forum. Everybody can become a member of this forum for
free. Furthermore, this specific topic "Renju Opening Rules" does not require
membership. But please write your real name and contact information if you are
the one who proposes an opening rule.

The New Rules proposals can be added until December 31, 2005. After that, there
will be no possiblity to add any new proposals, and the discussion will focus on
these proposals which are published before that deadline.

In May 2006, the RIF General Assembly will choose one of the proposals from this
list. After that the chosen opening rule will become the official RIF opening

If you want to propose an opening rule which would be considered seriously by
Renju International Federation, then try to make the rule which would meet the
requirements below:

- the new rule should not be very different from the current rule (the smaller
is the change, the better)
- the new rule should give much more playable (balanced) variants than the
current rule
- it should be fair to both players (one player should not have too big
"home preparation" advantage)
- it should be easy for beginners
- it should include all or nearly all the existing theory
- the first move should be in the center

Welcome to the Forum!!
Ando Meritee

czyli piscie jezeli macie jakies pomysli na nowe renju opening rule:)

mi tam najwiecej sie podoba to od CC tsai, nietrzeba znac duzo teorje.
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