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World Cup in 1 min games
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączyła: 23 Kwi 2016
Posty: 207
Skąd: Australia
Wysłany: 2018-07-05, 16:03   

Today at 21:00 Warsaw time a long awaited WBC match will be played - Zoltán László, also known as Zoli, will face Adrian Fitzermann, also known as Adif, in the final of the upper bracket!

The winner of the match gets a big advantage in the subsequent fight for the WBC title: He directly advances to the WBC final, where he needs to win only one match to become the champion, while the other WBC finalist, namely the winner of the match between Gergő Tóth and the loser of today's match, needs to win two matches in the WBC final to win the title.

Today's match is also very important in terms of the team competition: If Adif wins today's match, he makes Poland the WBC team champion, so Zoli must win today to keep Hungary’s hopes for the team title alive.

Like all other matches in the upper and lower brackets, today's match is played until one of the competitors has at least 16 wins and at least 2 wins more than his opponent, but cannot exceed 51 non-drawn games.

Zoli and Adif already met in the previous WBC season, and namely in its final, which consisted of a single match then and proved to be quite thrilling. Zoli spectacularly achieved a comfortable lead, 10-2, but then Adif managed to adapt and started closing the gap. The match ended 22-18 in Zoli’s favour.

Both contenders are exceptionally fast thinkers and are known for their ability to instantly see complex things on the board. An excellent illustration of their speed is the first game of the last year’s final, where they managed to put about 130 stones.

And they understand the game very deeply, as seen from their successes in live gomoku – Zoli is the current world champion, and Adif is currently 4th on the world ranking list, with his last live performance bringing him the first place in the Czech Open.

Do not miss this opportunity to watch a highly important match played by real aces of one-minute gomoku! As usual, the match will be played on in the room called Dobrocin. The nicknames are wbczoli (Zoli) and wbcadif (Adif). Come watch :)

Dołączyła: 23 Kwi 2016
Posty: 207
Skąd: Australia
Wysłany: 2018-07-16, 02:36   

Today at 11:00 in the morning there will be the last WBC match before the WBC final - Adrian Fitzermann, also known as Adif, will play against Gergő Tóth! The winner secures a place in the top 2 and advances to the final, where he meets the current WBC champion Zoltán László.

What makes today's duel especially interesting is that the contenders are very different players. Adif is known for his very speedy but smart defensive style as well as by excellent skills of playing in a mutual time trouble, while Gergő is a very wise strategist who can prepare for and adapt to virtually any opponent and possesses huge knowledge of opening theories as well as the ability to play in a very thoughtful manner.

They made very different paths to reach this match. Adif’s path was pretty short and entirely via the upper bracket, while Gergő made an impressively long path in the lower bracket, winning against a galaxy of strong players such as Adrian Czychowski, Rudolf Dupszki, Márk Horváth, Kristóf Ménesi and Vladimir Nipoti.

So let us see who of the participants of today’s match advances to the WBC final :)

As usual, the match will be played on in the room called Dobrocin. The nicknames are wbcadif and wbcgergo. Come watch :)
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