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Correspondence tournament with monetary prizes
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączyła: 23 Kwi 2016
Posty: 287
Skąd: Australia
Wysłany: 2018-09-16, 03:39   Correspondence tournament with monetary prizes

Gomoku players often complain that there is no money in gomoku, but this is now changing thanks to a new initiative in the Russian gomoku community!

In short, the idea is to organise an online correspondence tournament with monetary prizes formed by collecting a reasonable participation fee from each participant. This is analogous to how online poker works, and the tournament is intended to become regular and attract more and more participants each season, thereby bringing people and money to the gomoku world. The very opportunity to earn money by playing gomoku will drastically change how people see our game.

Correspondence gomoku is a kind of sport in which you play a number of gomoku games in parallel against different opponents with a time control of a few months and are allowed to use any programs to analyse positions. This is an ideal way to compete for those who have a deep passion to analyse, and what decides here is strategic planning, the ability to focus on important branches, systematic thinking, and, most importantly, deep understanding of gomoku. Recently a very successful correspondence gomoku tournament has been organised - ICGT 2018, whose participants were 28 players from 7 countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, China, and the USA.

A discussion about the tournament with monetary prizes has started on the Russian gomoku discussion board, and five people have already publicly expressed a strong interest in participating in the tournament as well as have indicated their opinions about the optimal participation fee, time control, and formula of distributing the prize money. These people are Nirvana, Epifanov, Barbos, Fudjin, and Gasan. Here is the link to the discussion: Obviously there are more interested people, as not everyone is keen of making public comments.

Currently, the active proponents of the idea of such a tournament are Nirvana and I, with Nirvana being the ideological and inspirational leader, and we intend to select a treasurer from a number of highly reputable gomoku players such as, e.g., Furla. Each participant will send the treasurer the participation fee before the tournament, and the treasurer will send the monetary prizes after the tournament. All collected money will be used for monetary prizes, i.e., there will be no profit for the organisers. International money transfers can be easily made in bitcoins to avoid significant international transaction fees, and there are also other options.

Based on the responses at hand, the following parameters seem to be reasonable for the first season:
Time control: 50-120 days
Participation fee: 10-20 Euro
Distribution of monetary prizes: 50% for the 1st place, 30% for the 2nd place, 20% for the 3rd place

We kindly ask everyone who would consider participating in this tournament to express a potential interest. This can be done simply by contacting me or Nirvana or by leaving a comment here or on the Russian discussion board (see the link above). We would also greatly value opinions about the time control, participation fee, and distribution of prizes.

And it goes without saying that we would very much appreciate re-posts and any other dissemination of the information contained in this post.

Let us try to start making something serious from our game!
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