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Turniej przebierańców
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 25 Sie 2011
Posty: 448
Skąd: Radziejowice
Wysłany: 2017-12-28, 09:15   

Na pewno w sobotę 30 grudnia.
Członek Zarządu
Kapitan IRP

Dołączył: 28 Kwi 2004
Posty: 4921
Skąd: Płock
Wysłany: 2017-12-28, 13:23   

OK, dzięki za potwierdzenie. W takim razie może uda się zagrać, bo dziś dla DT start EL :)



Dołączył: 04 Paź 2004
Posty: 3991
Skąd: Wrocław
Wysłany: 2018-12-23, 11:58   

Tegoroczna Maskarada odbędzie się w niedzielę 30.12 o 19.

Parametry pozostają bez zmian, tj. 11 rund, 5 minut na grę, swap2.
Nick z rankingiem 1200 (bez gier), wersja językowa en/ru.

Dołączyła: 23 Kwi 2016
Posty: 279
Skąd: Australia
Wysłany: 2018-12-29, 21:38   

The Masquerade gomoku tournament is rapidly approaching, being scheduled for Sun 30 Dec 19:00 Warsaw time, and I announce a separate nomination in this tournament.

For those who do not know, the Masquerade is a traditional annual tournament organised on Kurnik by Ilya Muratov, who is also known as Furla. The tournament takes place at the end of each calendar year, is created by the nickname rustournament, and is open to everyone. Every participant has to come with a mask - i.e., under a new, unknown nickname. After the tournament, a poll is held to determine the funniest nickname. Its owner, if he reveals his identity after the poll, is then sent a small prize by Furla, typically a small statuette.

This year I announce a second, separate nomination in the Masquerade, so this year there are two separate nominations - the traditional one and mine. The description of my nomination is below.

1. What is the nomination about?

In short, the owner of the coolest, funniest, or most impressive nickname among those that are about me, i.e., devoted to me, gets a special prize - an opportunity to ask me to write and disseminate a good article on any gomoku subject he wants. The subject can be, for example, to criticise a certain player, to praise a certain player, to promote a certain future tournament, or to write about a certain past event. I enjoy writing and will be happy to write about something one of my fans wants. Being an experienced writer, I can very effectively and convincingly convey any idea to the gomoku community. The article will be written in English and/or in Russian, depending on the target group. An example of my article of such kind is here:

2. What nicknames are eligible to be considered for this nomination?

All Masquerade nicknames that are about me. The requirement is that the connection between the nickname and me be more or less obvious. That is, the gomoku players who have been active enough to well learn about me must easily and unmistakably see the connection.

An additional requirement is that the nickname must play all 11 rounds. Of course, a forced skipping of the round (a bye) and a no-show by the opponent count as played rounds.

The nickname will be excluded from the consideration if there are strong suspicions about its unfair play.

No application is required, and it is also not required to reveal the own identity. It is enough just to register a nickname connected with me in any way and to play in the Masquerade under that nickname.

3. How will the winner be determined?

The winner will be determined by me, but I will try to be as objective as possible and will at least consult with my friends. A poll may be organised to help me make a decision.

The criteria are hard to strictly formulate in a mathematical way, but here are the two main things:

(a) Humour. For example, the nickname ilovesandra is not really funny, while the nickname sandra1800 already makes me smile, in view of past heated arguments on the Russian gomoku forum about whether my strength on Kurnik was 1800 or I had reached a rating of 1800 accidentally.

(b) Creativity. An example of a creative nickname is sandrawithstrapon, which implies that every player who loses to this nickname gets straponed, metaphorically speaking.

Whether the nickname praises me or makes fun of me is unimportant. I equally appreciate praises and friendly teases. What is important is the presence of either humour or creativity, or, ideally, of both. Or something else that can impress me.

4. What happens after the winner is determined?

I will announce the winner, and then he will only need to tell me, by sending a private message from his Masquerade nickname to my playok nickname sandra113, what he wants me to write an article about. I will not ask him to reveal his identity, so he can stay anonymous if he wishes so.

Of course, there are reasonable restrictions on the topic of my article. For example, I will not write anything clearly wrong or anything against my interests. I will also not write anything that may damage my reputation or cause negative attitude towards me in someone who is important to me.

But it is perfectly okay to ask me to objectively criticise someone, to objectively praise someone, to write an interesting article about a past event, or to promote a future event. These are excellent topics :)

Good luck and have fun :)

Dołączył: 04 Paź 2004
Posty: 3991
Skąd: Wrocław
Wysłany: 2018-12-31, 10:52   

Wyniki w załączniku lub

Pobierz Plik ściągnięto 115 raz(y) 252 KB


Dołączyła: 23 Kwi 2016
Posty: 279
Skąd: Australia
Wysłany: 2019-01-02, 00:15   

I recently announced a special nomination in the masquerade gomoku tournament (see my previous post in this thread), and now it is time to announce the results :)

I have decided that there are two winners - sandracojones and sandrotoxicos. These two players succeeded in impressing me by their humour and creativity, and I will be happy to write articles on the subjects they will choose :)

The nickname sandracojones is a wordplay between my pseudonym Sandra Jones and the word "cojones," which is a slang word absorbed by English from Spanish and denoting balls, usually in the sense of having courage. This nickname perfectly reflects my courage in writing posts and articles, especially those exposing cheaters such as Eviscerate, Fudjin, and Alicecooper :) (Following my posts, Eviscerate and Fudjin publicly admitted to cheating; there is no strict proof of Alicecooper's cheating, but I as well as many other players are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he is a cheater - e.g., Muratov, Osipov, Kondratyev, Menesi, and a number of people who did not want me to make their opinion public.)

The nickname sandrotoxicos is based on the Russian word "spermotoxicoz," whose meaning is that a guy with spermotoxicoz is strongly affected by his male hormones (sperm) - he feels strong attraction to the opposite sex and does crazy things because of that. Accordingly, the nickname sandrotoxicos has to be understood as that the gomoku community is strongly affected by Sandra, that is, by me. What an excellent emphasis of my role and significance in the gomoku community :)

There were at least 9 nicknames about me in total - sandrotoxicos, sandracojones, nosandranocry, sandrautist, egosentric113, sharkoffeat, ladiesman113, sandranofunny, biatch113. Additionally there were a few nicknames that were possibly about me, but I find it hard to say for sure. Anyway, nice to see so many fans of mine :)

Thanks to everyone who created a nickname about me, and both winners are invited to let me know, by sending a private message to my playok nickname sandra113, what they want me to write about :) I will write the two articles somewhere in January :)

Dołączył: 04 Paź 2004
Posty: 3991
Skąd: Wrocław
Wysłany: 2019-12-18, 18:35   

Tegoroczna maskarada odbędzie się w sobotę 28.12 o 19.

Parametry turnieju: 11 rund, czas 5 minut na grę.

Turniej zostanie zorganizowany przez rustournament.

Dołączył: 04 Paź 2004
Posty: 3991
Skąd: Wrocław
Wysłany: 2019-12-28, 21:28   

Wyniki w załączniku.

Pobierz Plik ściągnięto 28 raz(y) 192 KB


Dołączył: 04 Paź 2004
Posty: 3991
Skąd: Wrocław
Wysłany: 2020-01-02, 18:11   

Do 11.01 (21:59) można zagłosować na najzabawniejszy nick biorący udział w turnieju. Organizatorzy nominowali poniższą 20:


Głosować można pod tym postem na Facebooku lub w ankiecie na

Gość, zagłosowałeś?

Dołączył: 22 Sie 2012
Posty: 56
Skąd: Kątownia
Wysłany: 2020-02-13, 09:50   

na jaki nick ? najzabawniejszy ?
Kolega raczy żartować, bardziej na najbardziej żenujący :)
Era zabawnych nicków przeszła do historii jak cały kurnik.
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